Convince your boss / Why use GC Articles?

GC Articles is secure, reliable, accessible, bilingual  – and free. 

Secure and Reliable

GC Articles has a number of security controls in place to allow us to store unclassified information in the cloud. 

GC Articles is hosted in Canada, in a secure cloud environment procured from the SSC cloud vender. The environment was secured and audited as part of the Covid Alert mobile app for the PBMM level (Protected B, medium availability, medium reliability). 

Using this environment for GC Articles we ensure that your information and reputation is safe. The content in your site is hosted and stored in a data centre outside Montreal.

We’re still in active development, and we’re improving our security posture iteratively. We have not yet completed a security audit on the software itself at this time. 


The admin panel of GC Articles is accessible to the WCAG 2.0 AA level.

As for the accessibility of the site you create with GC Articles, some of it depends on the people publishing the pages. GC Articles is integrated with the Web Experience toolkit (WET Framework), which ensures some accessibility. As well, our SEO plug-in integration helps ensure you provide alt text and page anchors.

The content you publish obviously requires care to ensure it’s clear and accessible. 

For more help on accessibility, you can consult the CDS accessibility handbook.


With GC Articles you can create both English and French pages and link them together as translations of one another.

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