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Speaker: Anneke Olvera

Anneke Olvera

Director, Programs & Operations, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement, Standards Council of Canada

Anneke Olvera is a seasoned leader specializing in stakeholder-funded Programs at the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).  She has worked at the SCC for 27 years occupying several roles across the organization.  Her main areas of work have been on the crafting and executing of impactful initiatives in programs such as the AI and Data Governance Standardization, Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure, Mental Health and Substance Use Health, and Innovation, IP, and Standards-Setting. Anneke focuses on fostering partnerships to maximize national opportunities through the influence of standardization. Anneke is a strong advocate for Canada’s leadership in the realm of standardization in support of the health and safety, and economical welfare of Canadians.  Anneke holds an BA in English literature and Theatre from Mount Allison University, and an MA in English Literature from Carleton University.  She is the Secretariat for the AI and Data Governance Standardization Collaborative.    

Participating in: Exploring policy considerations for responsible AI in the Government of Canada

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