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Moderator: Nadia Ahmad

Nadia Ahmad

Director General, Data and Evaluation, Global Affairs Canada

Nadia Ahmad is the Director General of Data and Evaluation at Global Affairs Canada. In this capacity she serves as both Chief Data Officer and Head of Evaluation. Nadia is committed to building and nurturing diverse and inclusive teams and contributing data-derived insights to inform decision-making and foster more impactful policies, programs, and services. Nadia has held several executive positions within the Department. From 2007-2009, in her capacity as Director in the Afghanistan Task Force, she was responsible for Canada’s bilateral relationship with Afghanistan. In August 2009, as the Director of Environmental Issues and Community Outreach in the Summits Management Office, Nadia was responsible for ensuring that the G8 and G20 Summits hosted in Canada were sustainably managed. Nadia took on the role of Director of the North America Partnerships and Operations Division in 2010, where she led efforts to promote Canadian interests in the U.S. and Mexico. Joining the Sub-Saharan Africa Branch in 2013, Nadia was first responsible for Canada’s bilateral relationships with countries in North Africa and then served as Director of Pan-Africa Affairs, where she provided leadership on cross-cutting thematic issues of importance to Canada and the continent. Prior to assuming her current position, Nadia served as Director General of Geographic Coordination and Mission Support, where she brought coherence, innovation and a results-based approach to support the work of Headquarters and Canada’s diplomatic missions abroad. 

Nadia holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, a Juris Doctor from Michigan State University and a Master of Laws from the University of Ottawa. 

Participating in: Enabling effective service automation with data governance

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