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Speaker: Niraj Bhargava

Niraj Bhargava

CEO and Co-Founder, 

Niraj Bhargava (P.Eng, ICD.D) is the co-founder, CEO, and lead faculty at At, Niraj leads a team of experts who are specialized in AI Governance Education, creating organization level AI Governance Framework and integrating AI trust measurement software – Machine Trust PlatformTM (built on a patented methodology). Niraj has over 30 years of experience in technology, business creation and leadership. He is a serial entrepreneur and has successively been the CEO, founder and leader of technology companies – focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks. He is currently the Chair of the Innovation Committee of the Board at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. In the past, he has served as a dean and a university professor. He holds an MBA, a degree in Systems Design Engineering and completed the Directors Education Program leading to his P.Eng & ICD.D designation and has been a prominent speaker globally on sustainability and on ethical AI. 

Participating in: Enabling effective service automation with data governance

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