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Moderator: Sandy Kyriakatos

Sandy Kyriakatos

Chief Data Officer, Equifax Canada 

Sandy Kyriakatos is a seasoned thought leader in the field of data and technology, with a strong track record of success in driving business growth and competitive advantage. She has helped clients to focus on harnessing the power of their second most valuable asset — data. Through the relentless pursuit of both innovation and ethics, her mantra is to use the power of data for good. 

As Chief Data Officer at Equifax Canada, Sandy Kyriakatos leads Consumer and Commercial Data, Data Acquisition, Data Governance Quality and Policy, and Data Modernization including Data Contributor Services. Data alignment and synergy across Equifax Canada, in particular as it pertains to the quality of our data, is a foundational priority. 

Sandy has had an extensive career in highly sensitive senior information and analytics roles in both public and private sectors. She was the first CDO for the Government of Canada at Employment and Social Development Canada, as well as the CDO at Canada Border Services Agency. Additionally, she has led data and analytics across industry verticals including at Loyalty One, SAS Canada, and Canada Post. 

Participating in: Virtual lightning round

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