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Moderator: Somaieh Nikpoor, Ph.D.

Somaieh Nikpoor

Lead, Data Science and AI Strategy, Transport Canada 

Somaieh Nikpoor is a researcher, advocate, and mentor working at the intersection of AI, data, and policy. She is a lead for AI and Data Science at Transport Canada. She designs AI and analytics road maps based on organizational readiness and leads various initiatives on data science and AI. She is passionate about the responsible development and application of AI technologies and is currently collaborating with academia and non-profit organizations to curate and generate original content that will help others navigate through various AI ethics and AI policy topics and concepts.

Before joining Transport Canada, Somaieh held an advisory role for AI and machine learning at ESDC – Labour Program. Somaieh has also worked at the Advanced Analytics Lab within Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, where she led the development and delivery of several analytical products. Somaieh holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Ottawa. 

Participating in: Exploring policy considerations for responsible AI in the Government of Canada

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