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Moderator: Tereza Cundy

Tereza Cundy

Director, Public Sector Experimentation, Canada School of Public Service

Tereza—better known as Terri—is the Director of Public Sector Experimentation at the Canada School of Public Service. In her current role, Terri’s aim is to create the conditions for more widespread innovation across the public service. Her team is actively experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, and other technologies and approaches to address horizontal issues in key functional areas (regulatory, ATIP, HR) and help modernize the Government. Efforts are supported by a three-point framework: learning-by-doing projects (experimentation), community building (meet ups and learning events), and learning resources (sharing tools, new initiatives, and lessons learned).  

During her time at the School, Terri and her team have run over 15 events focused on innovating in the public service, built over 10 prototypes to help do business better, and brought together practitioners from over 30 departments to share innovative projects and practices. 

Participating in: Virtual lightning round

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