GC Articles

Fast publishing for responsive government

GC Articles can help you publish the latest information in emerging situations when things are changing quickly and time is of the essence.

Even if you’re not dealing with an emergency, publishing updates quickly saves everyone time and effort.

Shown is a picture of new web content moving quickly through an implied publishing process.

Relieve pressure on call centres

Whether you’re responding to a global situation like the pandemic or a more localized situation like an evacuation, GC Articles can help you relieve pressure on call centres and local offices.

Shown are three people getting information. Two are reading it on a GC Articles site, one is calling an agent.

Better newsletters with a single source of truth

Newsletters are better if they have a public archive. That way you have a single source of truth that is not stuck in people’s inboxes. If you ever need to update an issue after you sent it, you will still have the correct information in your archive.

Shown is a number of articles able to be viewed on one screen, showing that you can store you web archive in Articles.

Attract new subscribers

These archives have the added benefit of being available to show prospective subscribers what they’ll get if they subscribe. GC Articles can give you a place to publish this archive, as well as integrated list management for letting subscribers know when you publish new information.

Shown is a subscribe field to show how users would subscribe for updates.

Skip the procurement process

GC Articles is managed by the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) with no costs for departments that use the service.

  • No setup fee.
  • No cost to use.
  • No procurement.
Shown is the Price of GC Articles, or lack there of at a total of zero dollars.
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