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Notice Regarding GC Articles

GC Articles has been in maintenance mode since August 2022, and will be shutting down external sites on August 1, 2024.

Publish online information faster

With GC Articles, government teams can create, edit and publish website content —  no coding required.

A Government of Canada website with text and images.

Built for the Government of Canada 

Built by the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) to meet Government of Canada requirements for end-users: 

✓ Government branding

✓ Bilingual

✓ Accessible

✓ Secure

✓ Dedicated CDS support teams

An accessible and secure Government of Canada website.

Work more efficiently 

Designed to reduce the time and number of people it takes to publish unclassified content online.

✓ Create webpages without a developer

✓ Preview how it will look as you build and edit

✓ Pre-loaded library of content blocks you can arrange to meet your needs

✓ Publish with the click of a button

Multiple people working together on a Government of Canada website.

Skip the procurement process 

Maintained in-house, so there’s no procurement cost or lengthy process.

✓ No setup fee

✓ No cost to use

✓ No procurement

A document that reads, “Free"

What you can build with GC Articles


A Government of Canada website with text and images.

Create a website with as many pages as needed. 

Government-compliant templates provided to help you get started.


A form field with an email address and “Subscribe” button.

Collect and manage subscriber emails using the GC Lists feature.

Send published content to subscribers using the GC Notify integration. 

Access all published newsletters with an online archive.


A blog post with text and images hosted on a Government of Canada website.

Publish blog content using the articles feature.

Create an online feed of posts that your audience can preview and select from.

Ways to host content on GC Articles

Create a new website

A list of articles hosted on a Government of Canada website.

Publish and host content using your new GC Articles domain.

Publish to an existing website

A screen with content data being published to a website outside of GC Articles.

With our API, use GC Articles as a headless content management system (CMS) to publish content to your own website domain.


Government of Canada websites created with GC Articles

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