GC Forms

GC Forms

Publish government forms online

Make it easier for people to submit information to your service by building simple, accessible, online forms — no coding required.

An illustration of a laptop and a mobile phone with forms on screen and a callout that shows input fields and the Government of Canada wordmark.

Built for the Government of Canada

Designed to meet government standards and public needs:

Bilingual (English and French).
Secure (up to Protected B).
Accessible (WCAG 2.1 AA compliant forms).

Why consider GC Forms for your service

An illustration of a simple form with a few input fields and Government of Canada branding.
An illustration that shows an example of a government form with radio buttons and text inputs.

What you can do with GC Forms

Build forms for different processes:

  • Applying for a benefit.
  • Giving feedback.
  • Registering with a program.
  • Submitting a request.
  • Sending a report.

Start from a template

Publish in a few steps

  1. Add pre-formatted fields to your form.
  2. Enter translations side-by-side.
  3. Test the form and response delivery.
  4. Publish online.

How to get started on GC Forms

An illustration of a form with a callout that emphasizes the no coding aspect.
Illustration d’un flux de travail avec des personnes travaillant sur un formulaire numérique.

Streamline your workflow

  • Speed up the timeline to create a form.
  • Publish online without development resources.
  • Avoid error-prone manual data entry.
  • Collect more accurate, higher-quality responses.

Learn more about features

Free to use

GC Forms is managed by the Canadian Digital Service with no costs for Government of Canada departments and agencies.

✓ Skip the procurement process.
✓ Create unlimited forms.

Read the service-level agreement

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Explore GC Forms — no account needed

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