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Change plan

When developing our change plan we determine which elements make most sense to include for our context/scope. We can tailor our plan to the degree of complexity for the change initiative. We may want to put more emphasis on particular areas. For example, if the drivers of the change are not well known or understood, we may want to make that section more prominent.

As we select which elements to include in our change plan, there are a number of common ones that we can use, including:

  • The need for the change and our objectives
  • Defining what is in and out of scope
  • Interdependencies and potential synergies
  • Key constraints we may face
  • Leadership capacity and commitment to the change
  • A compelling vision (or our approach to co-develop for our vision)
  • The conditions for success
  • The governance for change structure
  • An analysis of stakeholders
  • How we will engage stakeholders in the design of what comes during and after the change
  • An assessment of the gap between how we currently operate and how we would like to operate in the future
  • Mechanisms for feedback and adapting
  • Mechanisms for celebrating successes
  • The approach for creating a platform for future change and continuous learning

Each of these elements may need to be updated as the initiative progress. It is a best practice to keep our change plan evergreen so that we can make adjustments as necessary.

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