Decide if you’ll participate in our research

Your participation will help the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) ensure our products are usable for everyone. 

It’s your choice to participate

The Government of Canada will not use the research information to make decisions about your access to products, programs and services.

If you tell us you do not want to participate at any time before or during the session, we will not use your answers, information, or recordings. 

By participating, you agree that we can:

  • Collect information on whether you use English or French.
  • Collect information about how you use and access GC Forms.
  • Use your quotes or describe your answers in a public or shared research summary. These quotes or descriptions will not be connected to your name or email address.

Privacy notice

The Canadian Digital Service (CDS) is part of the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) of the Government of Canada. We’re allowed to collect and use information under Section 5.1 of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act. We handle your personal information under the Privacy Act and Part 4 of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act. We report personal information from research in a Personal Information Bank called Outreach Activities.

We’ll protect your privacy by

  • Using an alias or number instead of your name when we refer to your information.
  • Removing your name and not asking for or keeping any other information that could identify you (e.g., by only using audio recordings or by removing certain information from your screen in a video recording). 
  • Only sharing your information with other CDS staff and not any other organization.

You have privacy rights

You have the right to access, review and correct information you share with us. To schedule time to do this, email us.

To raise concerns about how we use your personal information, contact the ESDC Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator by:

You can also contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada by:

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