Requesting alternate branding

Most departments and agencies are required to use the Government of Canada signature on their web pages and forms, contributing to a trustworthy and consistent digital experience. GC Forms uses this branding by default at the top of forms, but allows for different branding if it’s necessary.

Before you start

Be sure to understand whether you can use alternate branding by learning more about how your department or agency is subject to and implements the Policy on Communications and Federal Identity . Contact your Federal Identity Program Coordinator for more information, if you are unsure.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Demonstrate the need for an exemption

Provide a public-facing example that shows another logo replacing the standard Government of Canada signature, such as a website link or PDF form, or a document that helps justify your authority to request other branding.

Step 2: Submit logo files

  • SVG format.
  • English and French versions.
  • Full colour on white or transparent background.
  • Cropped with no white space surrounding the logo.
  • Height of 100 pixels.

To begin

Select a type of supporting proof:

Don’t have one of these supporting proofs?

Without a way for GC Forms to verify your authority to use different branding we are unable to approve your request.

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