Updating a published form

It may become necessary to make an update to a published form. While this is not an available feature, there is another way to change a live form, that involves publishing a new version.

Make sure to update all links pointing to the form when you re-publish

You may also consider closing your old form so it’s not accepting submissions.

  1. Sign in to GC Forms.
  2. In Forms, go to the card of published form you want to modify.
  3. In the “More” menu in the bottom-right corner, select “Save to computer”.
  4. Once saved, select “Create new form”.
  5. Select “Open a form file”.
  6. Choose the file that was just saved to upload the form file.
  7. In the side navigation, go to “Edit” (the first item) to modify the form.
  8. Once the form is updated, go to “Publish”.
    • Note that new English and French URL links will be generated.
  9. Update all instances of the URL links toward the new form links to direct people to the newly published form.

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