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GC Articles

Publish online information faster

With GC Articles, government teams can create, edit and publish content online —  no coding required.

A Government of Canada website with text and images.

Built for the Government of Canada 

Built by the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) to meet Government of Canada requirements for end-users: 

✓ Government branding

✓ Bilingual

✓ Accessible

✓ Secure

✓ Dedicated CDS support teams

An accessible and secure Government of Canada website.

Work more efficiently 

Designed to reduce the time and number of people it takes to post unclassified content.

✓ Publish without a developer

✓ Preview how it will look as you build and edit

✓ Pre-loaded library of content blocks you can arrange to meet your needs

Multiple people working together on a Government of Canada website.

Skip the procurement process 

Maintained in-house, so there’s no procurement cost or lengthy process.

✓ No setup fee

✓ No cost to use

✓ No procurement

A document that reads, “Free"

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What you can build with GC Articles

News articles

A Government of Canada website with text and images.


A form field with an email address and “Subscribe” button.


A blog post with text and images hosted on a Government of Canada website.

Ways to host content on GC Articles

Create a new domain

A list of articles hosted on a Government of Canada website.

Publish and host content using a new GC Articles domain.

Publish to an existing website

A screen with content data being published to a website outside of GC Articles.

With our API, use GC Articles as a headless content management system (CMS) to publish content to your own website domain.


Domains created with GC Articles

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