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Anti-Racism Ambassadors Network

The Anti-Racism Ambassadors Network (the Network) was established to support existing efforts in the public service to dismantle systemic racism with an intersectional lens. The Network aims to create a space for public servants in Canada at the municipal, provincial, territorial and federal level, to share knowledge, spread information and take action.

ARAN is different in that it is a grass-roots group of public servants volunteering from across Canada and not tied to any Government organization. Currently the Network acts as a community mobilizer and connector to collect, amplify, house and disseminate information and resources on Anti-Racism activity for all to use. In doing so, it will also amplify the work being done by BIPOC colleagues and connect all people working in this space.

It will also serve as a network to encourage and support members in taking practical action to dismantle systemic racism. We recognize that this is a community effort, and it will take collective partnerships and action to affect change. 

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